I need to chill out. 

Easy killer.

Hold the phone. 

Y’know, I actually really like when my friends are public about their faith. When they post about it online, or talk about it, it’s nice. They’re not trying to convert me. They’re just expressing their beliefs. They let me do the same thing, but I never offend them. They never offend me. Why can’t the world be like my friends and I? We’re so awesome. 

I just wrote the whiniest post ever and then changed my mind about publishing it. You’re all welcome. 

but why are you so cute 

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SPOTLIGHT: Valerie Hegarty’s Alternative Histories 

Truly breathtaking. NYC-based artist Valerie Hegarty’s artwork often poses as artifacts of art history gone awry.

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I need to be comforted. I’m tired of being an adult and having to face my own problems, and deal with asshole bosses myself. I want my grandma here so she could tell me everything is okay and then she could call my boss and yell at him for being absolutely awful towards me. I don’t want to be mature. I want to be a child again who is protected and carefree. I hate this.